“Ego” and “Me”

“… I need to recognize in me two states of being. I need to learn to recognize in me very truly the difference between a state where it is my ego that acts and another state where the whole man who acts, where I feel to be a whole.


I realize more and more that what I think I know comes from my thinking, which is merely a projection of my thinking, even my sensations.


But I’m starting to know that another ′′ Me “, the principle of consciousness, exists beyond my body, thoughts and emotions.


Consciousness would be a separate principle, pure thought, which sees and observes the ordinary self.


If my ordinary self, the ego, consented to be the server and not the master, it would be the axis of my efforts toward consciousness.


But that’s impossible, since my different parts act separated and independently, without taking into account the rest of my person.


Then instead of serving, protecting, helping my development, my ego, my self, inflates and blocks the road.


Who am I? Impossible to answer.


I’m not my body; I allow it to become passive.


I’m not my brain formatory; I also allow it to become passive.


Faced with this question, I’m not these selfish emotions towards myself, which also become passive.


Who am I? The release gets deeper and deeper.


I don’t relax now to get something. I relax for humility, because I begin to see that by myself I am nothing and that, within this humility, a trust appears, a kind of faith. I’m calm and I’m fine where I am, at peace.


In that deeper release, I open myself to the vital center in the abdomen, the point of relation to the energies that come from all my centers, which relate to each other in a certain way.


That contact makes me feel like the whole of my being is no longer threatened. Everything is integrated, everything is in place.


I sit in a fair order that involves everything whole. My body is at rest, not tense in any direction.


There’s a constant move to let go down, into that center of gravity from where I leave to attend life and where I return to myself.


In that deep drop movement, I have the impression of a released energy, released without any effort, without me doing anything for it.


It comes as a result. It’s not assumed by my thought or my emotion. She doesn’t belong to me.


It’s a supernatural force that works while obeying it. She would transform me if I accepted the experience, if I didn’t resist her trying to direct it.


I learn to live it. I consciously obey him.


That’s the move of my being…”

The Seekers of Truth, March 12th, 2020

Seekers of Truth
Film screening March 12, 2020 at Museum London starting @ 7:30pm

The Gurdjieff Group of London Ontario would like to announce a rare screening of “The Seekers of Truth.”

Please join us March 12, 2020 at 7:30 pm at Museum London. Admission is free of charge with an RSVP.

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